This girl Is On Fire (TGIOF) was created by journalist and TV presenter Andrea McLean, originally as a place for women going through the menopause to share stories and advice – hence the name. The idea for the site came about after writing Andrea’s book 'Confessions of a Menopausal Woman', when thousands of women contacted Andrea wanting to share their stories. Andrea wanted to keep that conversation going after the book was published, and a website seemed the most natural way to do that. It quickly became clear however, that it wasn’t just women experiencing the menopause who wanted to get involved, it was all women, who needed somewhere to talk about their experiences, and learn about others, in a place where all kinds of women could share their knowledge. Think of it as a kitchen table where no subject is off limits, where stories and information is passed around, and you can have a roaring laugh and a good old cry with your closest mates.