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This Girl Is On Fire is a personal growth site co-founded by Andrea McLean which helps all women achieve their true potential and find their inner greatness.

“Since its launch in June 2018 we have had thousands of women of all ages visiting us every month because they were feeling lost after having children, in their career, their relationships and their mental and physical health, and were looking for ways to regenerate that internal fire which had gone out. We want to help women move on from just existing to happily and healthily thriving– so our contributors write content which we believe is friendly, informed and aspirational.  

To help you on your journey, we give you outstanding content: HealthLifestyleHustleand Best You. Health includes everything you need to keep your body in its best shape on the inside and out. Lifestyle has everything you want in fashion, travel, beauty and culture. Hustle is our way of energising you in your work life, in whatever form that takes, managing your finances and your time. And Best You has everything you need to improve your mindset, shake up your relationships and celebrate every small win along the way. 

To continue your growth, we will soon be bringing you new and exciting events with fantastic speakers and This Girl Is On Fire retreats. To get things started, we will soon be launching our very own podcast, where you can hear incredible women talking about what lit their fire; from celebrities, business women and sporting heroines, their stories will inspire you.”

Andrea McLean and Nick Feeney

Founders: This Girl Is On Fire