Co-founded by Andrea McLean, This Girl Is On Fire is a website for all women who want to find their mojo, to be their best in every way, through relatable, honest and inspiring content. 

This Girl Is On Fire is all about making you feel good about yourself.  Whether it’s through talking, sharing or reading about other women’s stories, I’m a big believer that if you know a way to help someone, you do it, you pass it on. And I want to give you the confidence you need to make positive changes in your life. To feel empowered, invigorated, strong, capable and the best you possible – but above all, as a woman in her middle years, not to feel invisible.

Too often we feel overwhelmed by the idea of pursuing a dream or saying out loud what we’d like to change in our life. As women, especially of our generation, it can feel vain – greedy even – to put your hand up and say you’d like more… whether that’s simply asking for more support, more understanding or more out of life.

But you can. You can get a fire in your belly again, get fired up, be the girl on fire, no matter what age you are or what stage you’re at. I know what it’s like to lose your fire and I want to help you find yours.

I’m fired up! Let me help you feel the same… come join me

Andrea McLean x