Through her career, Andrea has worked closely with many fashion, beauty, health, lifestyle and fitness brands, adding value to each one. Andrea also understands how to utilise her impressive social media following to help bring additional value with high levels of engagement.

Andrea’s promotion of our brand single-handedly sent us from a back bedroom start-up to a viable small business. We now stock on ASOS.
— Katie Greengrass, Founder, Mac & Miller
We have worked with Andrea McLean on many occasions as she has a strong and loyal following who engage with her and the brands/ products she endorses. Specifically, we recently worked with Andrea on the launch of a new lifestyle essentials range. We had 2 days of media and promotion time with her that she worked on – the press were engaged with her and her story, the brand saw a huge increase in sales and activation which was due to the strong brand representation that Andrea has. We would highly recommend to brands to work with Andrea as the results speak for themselves: she is a safe, articulate, educated brand ambassador.
— Nick Ede - CEO - East of Eden London