Andrea is always in high demand whether it’s hosting an awards ceremony in front of hundreds of over-excited nominees, motivating a workforce to feel invigorated and inspired to be their very best, or raising a laugh at an intimate branded lunch - Andrea is the go-to presenter for brands and event managers wanting an experienced host and speaker to hold a room with warmth, humour and nerves of steel. With 23 years of experience in this field, Andrea brings intelligence and professionalism to every job booked, ensuring that everyone from client to crowd, is happy.

The Fragrance Foundation were delighted to invite Andrea as our Awards host this year, we wanted someone with charisma and elegance but also someone with that little bit of fire to be able to manage the proceedings in a timely manner with our very excited guests waiting in anticipation to see if they had won. Andrea brought it home, so much so we are delighted to invite her back to do it all again next year.
— Linda Key Jackson - CEO The Fragrance Foundation